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Hello everyone!

Greetings brave dungeon explorers!

During the last few weeks, we have been sending out the Early Access build of Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon to some of our Indiegogo backers! The feedback has been great and the players have done a great job in testing the game.
Thanks to you, we are now preparing for the release on Steam! The next announcement will be about the availability of DK to the public, on Steam store and on this site! Stay tuned!

Until then, have look at this new screenshot featuring the new UI!


Warm Tears Adventurers!

We are very excited to announce that Dungeon Kingdom will be released on september 25th, for our backers, and available to anyone on Steam Early Access a few weeks later. Since our last post, we have been working very hard to make this happen and we thank you for your support during its development. More from us soon, see you on the 25th!


Hello dear adventurers,
We don’t want to spoil to much, but we can’t resist to show a few screenshots from the early capture featuring the graphics upgrade of the Temple.
We hope you will like them 🙂

DK_Temple_Retake_4 DK_Temple_RetakeDK_Temple_Retake_2

Hello everyone !

We pushed away the release of the Early Access. The game EA was almost ready, and we improved the graphics and even added more content to the two first chapters. So what happened ? We are using a lipsync technology for some of our dialogs, including for the intro. This is something we like very much, and we want it in the early acces version of the game. We migrated the engine to Unity 5 to improve the rendering, however the third party publisher of the Lipsync technology is very late to provide the updated version of their plugin. That’s as simple as that. We are a bit disapointed to delay the EA again, but we don’t want to sacrify any feature, even for the early access. Until then, let’s see how this EA looks now:

dkCity_EA00dkCity_New00 dkCityEA_01

Note that the Dungeon and Temple graphics are also being improved greatly !

Warm tears adventurers !

We want to welcome Morten Barfod Søegaard in the team of Dungeon Kingdom. He will provide us it’s expertise in making awesome sound effects. As you probably know, to have a great atmosphere is an important topic for us, and we want great sounds fx in any situations when exploring dungeon Kingdom. So Welcome to Morten Barfod Søegaard !

Hello everyone !

Again thanks to the nice feedbacks we receive.
Here are a few screens from DungeonKingdom: Sign of the Moon being alpha tested.
There is much more innovations for the architecture, but i’ll stick on classic area of Adwij’s temple to not spoil too much:

AdwijAlpha_04 AdwijAlpha04 AdwijAlpha_00 AdwijAlpha_01 AdwijAlpha_02 AdwijAlpha_03