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  1. This game’s definitely looking great. Reading this page, I’m happy to be helping out with designing and administrating the forum, which can be found at http://forums.dungeonkings-game.com/ BTW. The link should be showing up in the main nav section of this website soon too, so stay tuned.

  2. looks real nice, I am a dungeon crawler nut, love those games mentioned.

    what I’d like to know is if there is a GUI involved. I am not up to speed with 3D yet, still learning. what I am most curious about is whether it is possible for me to screw with the ai via GUI.
    this will be fun..
    I look forward to playing it.

  3. well then well then , I think I just rose hard 🙂 . really looks good and Im glad your making this available for most platforms. one suggestion, more on some lost opportunities that were not taken by grimrock and might and magic legacy. Please Please ensure full realtime, not pseudo turn base. Please ensure the door trap option is there (trapping monster in door then closing for dps). Please implement a good spell system , closer to DM the better 🙂

    Other than that , praise your names, your WILL be done.


    • Thanks Andy ! Don’t worry we want the game to be realtime 🙂
      About the doors, this is part of the features ! Hope you will enjoy it !

  4. This looks really promising. I’m especially interested in the PC and Android Versions. As such, will there be any kind of cloud-based game save options? For example, will we be able to save a game on PC and then pick up where we left off on an Android tablet or phone?

    If this feature won’t be available natively, would you consider putting in a Google Drive or Dropbox backup feature so that we could move the game saves ourselves?

    Best of luck with this. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to play.


    • Yes that’s exactly what is planned: an option to save your game on our server, and you can download it on another device, and then you can play your with your saved game on that other device. Start on Pc, continue on tablet etc. etc.

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      • Then, it’s a day one purchase for me when it gets green lit on Steam. I voted for it on there.

        I started off my PC gaming with Dungeon Crawlers after the text adventures faded. To this very day, Dungeons of Daggorath on the Tandy TRS-80 is one of my fondest gaming memories. Eye of the Beholder is another. Your game looks to be a memory waiting to be made. 😉

        Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

        Have a great day,

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    • Hi Frank,
      We are targeting Christmas for the remaining chapters, and before the end of winter for the final release with global rebalancing. Cheers!

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