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Hello everyone,

We have been very quiet on the official channels for a while. As you will have noticed, we didn’t reach our initial goal. We believe this was mainly due to a lack of exposure in mainstream. This meant that we had failed to raise the required amount to work full time on the game and wouldn’t be able to follow our original plan. However, we have found an alternative solution, so not to worry; the game is still on its way!

So, what happens next?

– The perks: most of perks are ready to be sent; we are just waiting to receive the last pieces, and will send everything together.

– We have a partner that will give us a bit more funds, The partner’s name will be announced later.

– We are currently focusing on the Desktop version of the game. We are still periodically testing the mobile version of the game, but we will release the mobile version AFTER the desktop version, probably one or two months later. That way, we can release the PC version earlier and then focus on the remaining optimizations for the mobile version.

– Most importantly: We intend to start Early Access in February! We hope you will be able to join us in making Dungeon Kingdom a great game!

So, from all of the Dungeon Kingdom Team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015! We hope you will soon be able to spend a great amount of time in the corridors of Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon… and my little finger is whispering to me that Sign of the Moon is not the only story you’ll face in 2015…

Finally, the last word is not a word, but a picture… it’s only rough, just to let you imagine what awaits you in the near future:

Adwij Temple

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all our supporters on Indiegogo! For the others, you can still help us to fund the game by using the “Make a Donation” button on the right , and of course, you can request the same perks as on the indiegogo campaign.

We are studying all options to raise a bit more funds. Don’t worry for the project, the game will be released anyway! Just a matter of time and content.

Thanks to our awesome community!

Some people asked us if it’s still important to contribute on indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, even though we may not reach the goal of 9000 euros: the answer is simple: YES! Our campaign is flexible, and we’ll get the funds even if we don’t reach this goal of 9000 euros. So each new contribution will help the project greatly!!! So feel free to pledge, even at the last remaining minute! Thanks!

Time for an update! We are currently working hard on the new video for Dungeon Kingdom. We have plenty of assets created by 3D artists, but it takes some time to make them “ready” for the game’s fully dynamic environments. We have made some great progress and we are confident that you will enjoy the results. We are very excited about what you will discover in the trailer!
If you don’t want to wait, we have released a small picture which shows off 2 of the new environments you will experience in the game:


Lastly, we want to mention that thanks to you, we have so far reached 27% of our initial goal. We have also reached 95% of the way to the top 100 on Steam Grenlight. We very much appreciate all of your help, support and contributions! Don’t forget, you can still help us to fund the game with our Indiegogo campaign, so we can improve it and release it sooner!