I just noticed i have been two weeks since de previous update. Well see the right side: i am busy working on The Dungeon Kings ! However, time to feed your eyes with a picture !

As you can see, you’ll meet giant Bat as you find your way into the darkness of The Dungeon Kings !


This great 3d model was made by Panda “Julien Noël” !

Warm Tears Companions  !

This website will tell the story of The Dungeon Kings video game development.  You’ll get many informations such as development diary, screenshots, videos, gameplay details !

If you enjoyed great games like Dungeon Master, Ishar, Eye of the Beholder, Elder Scrolls,  Black Crypt, Might and Magic and many others Dungeon Crawler and RPG games of the past, this is a place you’ll love, and a game you will enjoy, on Desktop Computers and Mobile/Tablet devices ! So stay tuned and come back here regularly !