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First of all, we want to wish you all a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017! Hopefully this year will be full of exciting dungeon crawling experiences!

This is the first of our new monthly updates, occurring on the last Thursday of each month. We’ve stealthily updated the game from 0.9.930 to 0.9.932. Included in this update are two core rule sets: the classic one that most of you are playing when launching Dungeon Kingdom, and the second one, which will eventually replace the current one (which is currently only accessible to a few beta tester players). We’ve rewritten all the core rules (damage computation, character progression, etc.). Once testing is complete, we’ll switch everyone over to the new rule set. This should happen within the next few days. This rule set change should make the game more balanced and more enjoyable. It also means we will finally be able to publish the new levels, as the proper balancing was a prerequisite for us before we could allow you to advance further in the adventure.

Beyond the core rules, here are a few new features that have been added:

-Ammo for bows, crossbows, slingshot, etc. don’t need to be in-hand any more. The game is able to get and count all the ammo items in your inventory. This leaves one more hand free (useful for casters).
-Ammo is automatically picked up when walking over it (after being launched for example).
-‘M’ key now both shows and hides the map.
-Reduced some console spamming when hovering over items.
-You can now rebind the strafe keys (check input tab in the launch dialogue).
-Added a few items (dard, etc.).
-Fixed issues with torch holder in the temple.

And of course, a lot of other fixes (spelling, portraits puzzle, pools puzzle, wrong UI elements positions, etc.).

Big thanks to our testers, especially to Micel Dars for the precious help on core rules. And thanks so much for those who left us a positive review.

To end that post, have a look to the Black Mages Quarter area:


Hello everyone!

There are only a few days remaining before the next big update of Dungeon Kingdom.

Before we put it into your hands, we are launching a second bunch of polls to get more feedbacks about some features of the game.

As usual, simple click the links and answer the questions. One poll per link.

Poll about Spells System

Poll about heroes and NPC animations

As a reminder, you can still check the two previous polls:

Poll about Character Progression System

Poll about Food management

Thanks so much to those who will take a few minutes to answer.

We’ll publish a complete guide a few days later about the next update content as there are lot of new features and adjustments.

Hello Adventurers!

It’s been a while since the previous update about Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon, so here are a couple of screenshots to keep you going before the next update.

These were taken from some of the later levels in the game. A few of you may also notice the long ranged weapon and item stacking features. Also, the game will now include a secret “VR” mode for testing purposes.

The next public update will arrive soon, with long ranged weapons, item stacking and more settings, especially graphics settings and some fixes.





Hello everyone!

Greetings brave dungeon explorers!

During the last few weeks, we have been sending out the Early Access build of Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon to some of our Indiegogo backers! The feedback has been great and the players have done a great job in testing the game.
Thanks to you, we are now preparing for the release on Steam! The next announcement will be about the availability of DK to the public, on Steam store and on this site! Stay tuned!

Until then, have look at this new screenshot featuring the new UI!


Warm Tears Adventurers!

We are very excited to announce that Dungeon Kingdom will be released on september 25th, for our backers, and available to anyone on Steam Early Access a few weeks later. Since our last post, we have been working very hard to make this happen and we thank you for your support during its development. More from us soon, see you on the 25th!